Podcast Episode 7: Balancing Parenting With Being A Caregiver And The Importance Of Seeking Support

Podcast Episode 7

Listen into my conversation with Gemma Cardona, founder of Paddy’s Purpose, who joins us from the UK. Gemma is a mom of 3, with her son Patrick with disabilities and how that’s changed her world and sparked a fire in her to speak out on disability for a more inclusive world. She Also Bravely Shares:…

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Podcast Episode 6: Siblings Need Support Too – An Excerpt From My New Book!

Podcast Episode 6

As I prep for my new book coming out January 25th, 2021 (Breaking Through Special Needs), I wanted to highlight one of my absolute favorite chapters to read – Siblings Need Support Too. It’s a chapter describing all of the experiences and words we’ve heard from hosting our sibling support programs at Breakthrough and how…

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Podcast Episode 5: Helping Mommas Recognize Unrealistic Self Expectations And What To Do About It with Pelvic Floor Specialist Physical Therapist, Nancy Branberg

Podcast Episode 5

Listen into my conversation with Pelvic Floor Specialist Physical Therapist, Nancy Branberg whose mission it is to help women live a more fulfilling life and overcome pelvic floor challenges such as incontinence, pelvic pain and digestive issues. She speaks with women every single day and recognizes “mom shame”, especially as a mother herself. She shares…

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Podcast Episode 4: Keep Your Immune System Strong Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally with Jaclyn Kiernan, MS, RDN

Podcast Episode 4

We sat down with guest Jaclyn Kiernan, MS, RDN to talk about how special needs parents need to keep their immune systems healthy and strong right now during this pandemic – not only physically but the emotional and mental well being too! She gives us her best tips and advice AND answers my questions about…

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Podcast Episode 3: Telehealth: Why it’s better than an in-person session and how to prepare for success

Podcast Episode 3

I’ve heard so many parents telling me they didn’t know what to expect for their first telehealth session AND that they didn’t think it would’ve beneficial – until they’ve tried it and now they can’t wait until their next one! I’m putting together all of the reasons why you should give it a shot and…

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Podcast Episode 2: Life Disrupted – Three Reminders You Need To Hear

Podcast Episode 2

In the chaos of our current circumstances, we are only in control of so much. I wanted to talk to you all and remind you that you are not alone in this; Our hearts are with you. Keep being resilient. Highlights:   To connect with us head to: To find more resources: www.breakthroughptli.com/resources  

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Podcast Episode 1: Why I’m Here To Serve YOU!

Podcast Episode 1

This podcast was created for ALL special needs parents, caregivers, and families to provide resources, helpful information, and support you on your journeys. The special needs community is underserved and I’m here to change that. Here’s the first episode of why I’m here to serve you all and what’s to come!   To connect with…

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What Would You Tell Your “Year-Ago-Self”?

To my favorite people on this earth, this post is for you. For the mommas and dads, the caregivers, the extended families, the close friends, the everybody in this community… read through. I hope you can find value in this as much as I have. Reflection is an essential piece of existence. If you don’t…

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Sibling Needs Support: Part II

Virtual Sibshops

So in our first part to this duo blog, we discussed the challenges that we hear our sibs face, including fear, the need to be perfect, and frustration. However, alongside the unique challenges the sibs face, they also get to experience unique opportunities. This was also an aspect that was discussed in my two day…

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Siblings Need Support Too: Part I

Virtual Sibshops

I’ve decided to do a two part series for our blog…mostly because this topic is something that is super important to Breakthrough and needed throughout the community. We need to have the discussion about the very special younger (or older) humans that grow up alongside the child with special needs. Having a child with special…

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