Podcast Episode 6: Siblings Need Support Too – An Excerpt From My New Book!

Podcast Episode 6

Podcast Episode 6

As I prep for my new book coming out January 25th, 2021 (Breaking Through Special Needs), I wanted to highlight one of my absolute favorite chapters to read – Siblings Need Support Too. It’s a chapter describing all of the experiences and words we’ve heard from hosting our sibling support programs at Breakthrough and how a sibling’s perspective is parallel to yours as a special needs parent.

The support for the siblings is few and far between and while they might seem like they have it together, that doesn’t mean they don’t need a space just for them. Listen in as I read through a part of this chapter in my new book and why it’s so important to you as a parent to hear.

Let me know what you think of it and stay tuned for our upcoming Sib Interviews where you’ll get to hear their stories and perspectives and realize maybe you’re not so different.

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