Let’s Talk Ableism: Disability Representation in Media

Disability Equality

I’m Jess and I’m one of Breakthrough’s newest members! If I haven’t shared it with you already, I’m the sibling of two Autistic brothers and I actually found Breakthrough by coming to speak at a Sibshops session last year! I now am happy to have the opportunity to be a more formal part of Sibshops…

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Accessibility: Still A Long Way To Go


Even though it’s been 29 years since the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed under President George H.W. Bush, not much has changed in the way of accessibility, or how disabled people are viewed when doing an everyday act such as seeking any kind of employment. If buildings were built prior to the 1990…

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Benefits of Early Mobility and Repetition

Repetition Exercise

Let’s think about this. We all know the phrase, “If you don’t use it, you lose it”, right? Well, same goes for developing skills and muscles. Not that you lose it, but if you don’t get the opportunity to gain skills necessary for functional movement, it will be way harder to achieve those skills. If…

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Quick Tips For Traveling With A Disability

Disabled Access

Traveling with a disability can be very difficult. In fact, finding ADA compliant hotels, restaurants, sidewalks, buses, beaches, planes, pools, or anything else can be a full-time job! But, do not fret, it is possible with some planning and a couple of tips. So before you go booking something this summer here are some things…

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