Whether You Are Looking for an Alternative Therapy to Launch Progress for More Function, or Simply Looking for New Ways to Help Your Child Become More Independent, Private Physical Therapy Is Your Best Option.

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Sometimes trying the same things over and over simply does not work. You know your loved one best and you want to provide everything you can for them. These could be helpful alternatives that could improve your loved ones quality of life; whether it is sitting up by themselves for the first time, attempting standing on their own, or simply trying NEW activities, this could be the gateway to new and more progress.

When you think that you have exhausted all therapy options, you HAVEN’T. Knowing that your child is capable of more is more than half the battle, and we are here to show you that. We know that making the decisions for your child is not easy and always takes careful thought and weighing the pros and cons. That is why we offer you all of the information we can first, so you can make a better educated decision on why we can help you… before even scheduling an appointment.

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Who We Are

Breakthrough PT is a unique environment where families on Long Island go when they are looking for the best treatment options for their loved one with special needs. We are the therapy clinic to go to for children and young adults who have more potential than short school and home care therapy sessions can tap into. We help them reach their maximum level of function and unlock their potential for more independence.

Christine is a trusted health expert who works with children and young adults on a daily basis. She also volunteers her time in the local community for various non-profit organizations supporting this population, as well as hosting a support group for special needs parents to provide resources for prevalent issues amongst parents.

Who we help

We give children and young adults on Long Island the best opportunity to become more independent by gaining strength and confidence so they and their families can have a better quality of life on a daily basis.

People who come to us include:

  • Fearful Parent: Who knows their child is capable of more and is fearful that their functional skills will decline and they will require more dependence on family for daily activities such as walking, bathing, and toileting.
  • Hopeful Individual: Someone who has been set back by a traumatic event and wants to regain independence and function without depending on family members for assistance. Told by doctors they may never walk again or do anything independently.
  • Hesitant Parent: Who feels nervous to let their child become more independent and push them to reach new goals but wants to avoid future surgeries and medications.
  • Frustrated Parent: Who has tried every type of therapy for their child and feels like it will never be enough. A parent that feels as though the doctors just keep trying to give more temporary solutions.

Where We Are

Breakthrough Intensive Physical Therapy

Our clinic is located at 1757-24 Veterans Memorial Highway, Islandia NY 11749. We treat clients from all of Long Island!

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