Episode 11: Autism mom and children’s author, Amy McCoy, shares her journey as mom and Advocate for Inclusivity

Podcast Episode 11

Podcast Episode 11

Today’s special guest is Amy McCoy, who is an Autism parent, disability advocate, and children’s author of her series “Little Big Sister”

“Little Big Sister” shares the sibling perspective of growing up with a brother who has special needs. Amy’s children, Matthew and Kathryn, are the inspirations for her books and work. She shares not only her journey as mom, but also her mission in educating children so that they can understand what it is like for those who grow up alongside a sibling with special needs or disabilities.

Highlights From This Episode:

Amy describes her journey as a mom navigating the world of finding answers for her son and how her challenges have given her perspective and helped her stay grounded.

You’ll hear how she came up with and developed her “Little Big Sister” book series and how she hopes it will influence not only “super siblings” in feeling supported and that they aren’t alone, but also using it as a disability education tool for those without the same experience to be more open-minded and understanding

A run through the 8 major struggles of siblings to brothers and sisters with special needs and disabilities and 6 tips for parents to help support their super sibling(s).

Stay tuned the whole episode – there is not a single part of this that is not valuable!

You can find Amy and learn more or to purchase her books:

Website: littlebigsisterbook.com

FB: LittleBigSisterBook

IG: @little_big_sister_book

Twitter: @AmyMcCoy19


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