Sibshops at Breakthrough Intensive Physical Therapy

Some of the Emotions and Experiences We Hear From Parents Are:

  • Grief: Mourning the expectations you had for your relationship with your child or what you thought you would be able to do with your child.
  • Misunderstood: Feeling like nobody else quite “gets it” and comparing your experiences to those of what you wish was different; Feeling like people dismiss your emotions.
  • Shame/Guilt: Based on how the community reacts to your child or your family because they are different than what’s considered “normal”. This can often be followed by subsequent feelings of guilt when experiencing that shame.
  • Fear: For not being able to “fit in”, fear of being alone; Fear of what will happen to your child as you get older.
  • Unprepared: Feeling like you didn’t anticipate your situation and are unsure or have difficulty understanding your child’s needs to help them in the best way.

Did you know that the siblings of your child with special needs experience these in direct parallel also?

These are some of the same experiences we hear from our Sibs in Sibshops - which are weekly group support programs specifically for the siblings of the child with special needs.

Did You Know?

  • Sibs demonstrate significantly higher rates of depression and mental health concerns later in life.
  • 75% of siblings as primary caregivers of their sibling with special needs say they don’t receive support - emotional, physical, or financial help.
  • Sibs perceive a need to excel to compensate for the lack of achievement in siblings with disabilities.

In SibShops, Your Child Will Have the Opportunity to Learn More About:

  • Recognizing emotions
  • Coping skills an strategies
  • Share and support others in sharing
  • Build community and connect with other sibs who understand
  • Create friendships
  • Disability Education
  • Awareness
  • Abelism
  • Disability Justice/Advocacy

In SibShops, Your Child Will Have the Opportunity to Learn More About:

For sibs ranging from 5-11 years old. Focus on building foundational skills in communication, self awareness, and disability education

Young Adult:
For sibs 12+ years old. A continuation of building self-awareness, communication skills, in addition to more leadership and advocacy opportunities.

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