5 Tips for a G-Tube Blended Diet


I am no nutritionist, but I have been speaking with some other professionals in the field about G-tube fed diets and have discovered a few consistent themes in these conversations. If your child isn’t on formula anymore or you are in the process of switching from formula to a blended diet – make sure to…

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What Is The Difference Between Muscle Tone And Strength?

Muscle Tone and Strength

Often as a physical therapist, I get the question “What is the difference between muscle tone and strength?” I’ve decided to put together a fact sheet for EASY distinction on the differences so you, as a parent, can better understand your child. Muscle TONE is defined as the tension in a muscle at rest. It…

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What You May Not Know about Your Child’s Diet!

Child's Diet

You already know your child does not have a typically functioning nervous system. What you may not know is that a poor diet filled with unhealthy processed foods and tons of sugars only inhibits your child’s nervous system. That’s right…it actually goes down to the cellular level. It is especially important to implement a healthy…

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