Why Is Our Core So Important?!

Core Strength

As therapists we talk about the core all the time, whether we are talking about your child or talking directly to you, I’m sure you’ve all heard it before “it’s because of the weakness in your core,” but what does this really mean and why is our core so dang important?! We have had countless…

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Melissa’s Journey


Melissa is one of our clients here at Breakthrough. She is an amazing, determined, and motivated woman who has inspired us since the day we met her. She wanted to share her story here and we thought you may find it inspiring too! We thank Melissa for her contribution and for sharing her unique point…

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Resources for Adaptive Clothing AND Shoes!

Adaptive Footwear

I’ve been talking with some parents who needs new shoes for their child to fit with the good ‘ol clunky and wide AFOs. Are you also one of those parents that have trouble finding shoes? Well, I recently sent a few of my families over to this site:  >>Nike Fly Ease<< BEFORE you click… here’s what…

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5 Reasons Why Your Child May Have Balance Issues

We see and hear reports of balance issues a lot…. whether your child has difficulty navigating throughout the community or even just a hard time standing in place by themselves, balance is HUGE for their ability to perform daily tasks independently. There are not only five reasons your child may have poor balance, but here…

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Why You Should Break The Habit of W-Sitting


Bad habits …. we all have them. Whether is biting your nails, fidgeting with your pen, cracking your knuckles….the list is endless. Usually these are pretty harmless poor habits but other times, like W-Sitting, it can have a significant effect on your child. A lot of the time parents don’t even know what it is…

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