Yoga For Neurologic Conditions


So I am pretty certain that you reading this knows what yoga is, or you have a pretty general idea. And no, putting on a pair of yoga pants doesn’t mean “you do yoga”…if that was the case, I would have been doing yoga every single day for a veryyyyy long time. It’s what many…

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Belly Breather VS. Chest Breather and Why It Affects Your Loved One’s Balance:

Breathing Children

So let’s review…We talked recently about the “soda can model” of breathing and how it affects posture. (If you didn’t get a chance to read that and would like more details click here). We discussed how important it is for all of the pressures to balance so that we can function and go about our…

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A Can Of Soda – And How It Relates To Posture and Breathing

Soda Pop

Do you have a child that has poor posture? Difficulty swallowing? Difficulty with bowel/bladder excretions? This concept I am about to explain will actually relate our BREATHING to all of these different issues. You may be saying… “How on earth is a can of soda related to breathing or posture?!” I was thinking the same…

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