What It Means To Have A “Weak Core”

Weak Core

Parents of children with movement difficulties – no matter the diagnosis – are often told by doctors, therapists, and other health professionals that their child has “a weak core”. Okay so they can’t do a sit up or they have weak abdominals…but that’s not really all that goes into a “weak core” or poor posture.…

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A Can Of Soda – And How It Relates To Posture and Breathing

Soda Pop

Do you have a child that has poor posture? Difficulty swallowing? Difficulty with bowel/bladder excretions? This concept I am about to explain will actually relate our BREATHING to all of these different issues. You may be saying… “How on earth is a can of soda related to breathing or posture?!” I was thinking the same…

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5 Negative Effects of Poor Posture That You Probably Haven’t Thought Of


I’ve discussed with a few parents in the clinic lately the effects of posture on their child’s function. Their response was “wow, I didn’t even think of that”….so I figured, I needed to share it with everyone so you can also be aware! Aside from the typically thought of effects of poor posture such as:…

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