Podcast Episode 7: Balancing Parenting With Being A Caregiver And The Importance Of Seeking Support

Podcast Episode 7

Podcast Episode 7

Listen into my conversation with Gemma Cardona, founder of Paddy’s Purpose, who joins us from the UK. Gemma is a mom of 3, with her son Patrick with disabilities and how that’s changed her world and sparked a fire in her to speak out on disability for a more inclusive world.

She Also Bravely Shares:

  • Her unique journey of combatting her own health issues related to caring for her son -How she hopes to make a positive impact moving forward with access to resources and information
  • What she would tell other parents in her shoes about grief, time, and navigating your journey with balance between caregiver versus parent.

We dive into so many topics - all of which are not typically spoken about. Hope you all enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

You can find Gemma on social media @ Paddy’s Purpose for more information!

Head to her site to find out more information: http://www.thedcf.org/paddys-purpose/

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