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Our support group is for all parents, relatives, and caregivers of special needs children or adults. We know that every single day is another fight for you for what is best for your child.

Whether that be fighting for IEP services, getting medical equipment for your home, struggling to find help within your home, or even just feeling like you wish things didn’t have to be so hard and hectic. As a physical therapist working closely with all of our families, we see the daily struggles and triumphs all parents have when caring for a family member. This group provides an opportunity to educate, help, discuss, and support others in the same community facing similar hurdles. There will be guest speakers, activities, and discussions all based off of what you all would like support for. This is a great opportunity for resources, helpful information, and connecting with others who truly understand!

Next Meeting: “What Are My Child’s Rights at School?”

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act is a law designed to ensure that all students with disabilities receive a free appropriate public education that meets their unique needs and prepares them for the future.

Parents of students with disabilities are often overwhelmed by the numerous forms, meetings and regulations involved in educating their children. It’s important to be a knowledgeable partner when working with school personnel to address your child’s educational, social and emotional needs for each school year.

Laura Adler-Greene, an experienced attorney in special education law, will review your child’s rights and explain how you can advocate for your child as an equal member of the CSE team.

Topics of Discussion:

  • Part 200 Regulations – The section of New York State education regulations pertaining to special education
  • FAPE – What it is, who is entitled to it, and its significance to individual students
  • Understanding the IEP – How are children’s meaningful and measurable educational goals determined? What can the school provide to help students meet their goals? Who changes an IEP and when?

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