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Our support group is for all parents, relatives, and caregivers of special needs children or adults. We know that every single day is another fight for you for what is best for your child.

Whether that be fighting for IEP services, getting medical equipment for your home, struggling to find help within your home, or even just feeling like you wish things didn’t have to be so hard and hectic. As a physical therapist working closely with all of our families, we see the daily struggles and triumphs all parents have when caring for a family member. This group provides an opportunity to educate, help, discuss, and support others in the same community facing similar hurdles. There will be guest speakers, activities, and discussions all based off of what you all would like support for. This is a great opportunity for resources, helpful information, and connecting with others who truly understand!

Next Meeting: “How to Recognize and Manage Self-Care”

Presenting is Jaclyn Kiernan, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a passion for holistic and natural health. She recently obtained a Master of Science degree in Dietetics from the University of Rhode Island. Jaclyn is also currently working towards her certification in Aromatherapy. Due to her passion for clinical settings as well as prevention, she holds a position at a Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center in Jamaica as a Clinical Dietitian and is a Health Coach & Nutrition Specialist at Noom Inc. In November 2018, she will be sitting for the exam to become a certified National Health/Wellness Coach. She is passionate about promoting others to take control of their health, ask questions and create lifestyle changes to ensure one receives self care.

We are so excited to have her speak!

She will be discussing how to recognize and manage self-care. We all know you guys get put through so much. Whether it's trying to educate yourselves on navigating a lifestyle with a child with special needs, driving and attending doctor's visits, and keeping up with the daily demands of work/family life, you all manage SO much. To say there's a lot on your plate is an understatement.

And this is why its important to take care of yourselves too. 

Emotions can become overbearing and even if you take just one strategy out of this presentation, imagine what kind of value that would bring into your life. 

Jaclyn will also be quickly discussing/providing information on quick and easy healthy food options for your child if you feel that is something you want to know more about also.

If you are interested in attending please contact us at 631-348-0959 or email

If you would like to attend any of our meetings please contact us at 631-348-0959 or email

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