Personal Training Programs

For children and adults to improve overall fitness, independence, and instill confidence to improve the quality of their lives!

Open to the Public and All Abilities.

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Individualized Attention to Achieve Their Goals

We hear from parents all across Long Island that they struggle finding a program to fit the needs of their child to help their child be their best self. Finding a good fit to work 1:1 with your child means there has to be trust and knowledge to help them reach their goals. Often times parents struggle when their child lacks motivation to move their bodies, or struggles with knowing how to. Many parents just want their child to lead a healthier lifestyle and be as independent as possible.

Our sessions options last from 30-60 minutes depending on the right program for your family and are open to all abilities.

Support From A Great Community

Personal Training

Whether you are dropping your child off or sitting in on the session, you will be surrounded by parents JUST LIKE YOU; Parents that just want more for their child and to help them be as independent as possible.

Ready for this? If your child attends our program, you will get access to a private Facebook community of parents to create lasting friendships and connections with each other! Whether you’re sharing information about last week’s session or asking for resources you need for your child, you will get to be part of this amazing community!

Improving Their Independence, Boost Their Energy, AND Improve Their Confidence

Our programs were specifically designed based around the needs of the community. Let’s face it, many children and adults are sedentary most of their days - we hear from concerned parents all of the time; Who want their children to be more active, have more opportunities to engage with peers, and be the very best version of themselves!

Personal Training At Breakthrough Is A Perfect Fit For You If:

  • Have tried other programs before but found them unsuccessful or weren’t sure they were the best fit for the needs of your child
  • Want to improve your child’s confidence with daily activities and know your child needs more but aren’t sure where to start
  • Want them to participate in more group activities but feel they physically aren’t ready for that yet
  • Want your child to be the best version of themselves and as independent as possible
  • Have specific goals for them in improving their overall lifestyle to be healthier and more active

If any of this sounds like you - take this opportunity to apply for a screening. We’ll have a member of the Breakthrough Team reach out to you and see if you qualify for a screening!

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“Answer These Questions to See If You Qualify For a FREE SCREENING”

We guarantee 100% privacy. Your information will not be shared.