Speech and How it Relates to Muscle Control

Mother and Child

Over the years there have been research articles linking speech and voice production to gross motor development and control. Cut the fancy lingo and what do you have? Speech production is linked to physical strength and milestone achievement! How? Well, let’s explain… So to understand the correlation, you first have to understand two different muscle…

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What Is The Difference Between Muscle Tone And Strength?

Muscle Tone and Strength

Often as a physical therapist, I get the question “What is the difference between muscle tone and strength?” I’ve decided to put together a fact sheet for EASY distinction on the differences so you, as a parent, can better understand your child. Muscle TONE is defined as the tension in a muscle at rest. It…

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Diagnosing Early: Why it’s Important?

“Cerebral palsy describes the most common physical disability in childhood and occurs in 1 in 500 live births. Historically, the diagnosis has been made between age 12 and 24 months but now can be made before 6 months’ corrected age.”* Recently, a systemic review came out published in JAMA Pediatrics (medical review journal) that studied…

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Should Your Child Get Botox Injections?

I get asked pretty frequently about this very topic. While I cannot provide you with a definite answer, I can help you work this out for you to make the best decision. If you have a child with special needs that has spasticity and tightness, you are most likely very familiar with botox injections. For…

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