Accessibility: Still A Long Way To Go


Even though it’s been 29 years since the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed under President George H.W. Bush, not much has changed in the way of accessibility, or how disabled people are viewed when doing an everyday act such as seeking any kind of employment. If buildings were built prior to the 1990…

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Quick Tips For Traveling With A Disability

Disabled Access

Traveling with a disability can be very difficult. In fact, finding ADA compliant hotels, restaurants, sidewalks, buses, beaches, planes, pools, or anything else can be a full-time job! But, do not fret, it is possible with some planning and a couple of tips. So before you go booking something this summer here are some things…

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Need To Know Where To Find Accessible Places On Long Island?

When facing a disability whether it be visible or not, finding someplace accessible can be a HUGE challenge. Planning a day trip in advance can be a burden too. I have heard from several parents just how difficult it is to worry about finding a changing table, a handicap accessible bathroom, a ramp, etc…the list…

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