"We Help Children and Young Adults With Neurological Diagnoses Become as Independent as Possible by Improving Their Mobility and Building Their Confidence for a Better Quality of Life."

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Now Offering a Variety of Programs Including:

Intensive PT

Breakthrough Physical Therapy - Intensive PT

To help individuals improve their mobility, confidence, and independence for a better quality of life

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Group Classes

Breakthrough Physical Therapy - Group Fitness

For individuals of all levels of ability to lead a healthier lifestyle, improve their confidence and mobility and promote positive peer relationships

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Personal Training

Breakthrough Physical Therapy - Personal Training

For individuals of all levels of ability to lead a healthier lifestyle and improve their confidence and mobility for reach their personal fitness goals

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Breakthrough Physical Therapy - Sibshop

Sibshops is a space where Sibs with siblings with disabilities can meet other Sibs and participate in recreational and educational activities

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Parent Support

Breakthrough Physical Therapy - Parent Support Groups

Designed for parents and caregivers to help provide resources, education, and most importantly support as you navigate the challenges and nuances of caring for a child with disabilities

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About Breakthrough Physical Therapy

Sometimes trying the same things over and over simply does not work. You know your loved one best and you want to provide everything you can for them. These could be helpful alternatives that could improve your loved ones quality of life; whether it is sitting up by themselves for the first time, attempting standing on their own, or simply trying NEW activities, this could be the gateway to new and more progress.

When you think that you have exhausted all therapy options, you HAVEN’T.

About Christine Astarita

While I wish I could say I have a direct connection to the special needs community which drew me to serve this community, I have to honestly say I don’t know what did exactly. Although that fact, my life’s mission is to create a world in in which special needs families’ lives are positively impacted by supporting you all. It’s not just about the children, but its also about the siblings and the parents too. So, I’m determined to help you get the most for your child and to help them live their best lives - and yours too.

Patient Inspiration Videos

Tristan completed his 3 week Intensive Program here at Breakthrough this fall. He is now able to sit up on a bench independently for over 10 minutes and walk A MILE on the treadmill.

Savvy’s intensive Program

Watch the "The Run To Break Through" Video Here!

What People Are Saying About Breakthrough Intensive Physical Therapy...

“Working with Breakthrough makes me feel like there is much more for her. A lot
more that she can achieve compared to sometimes years ago I remember when some
therapies would say “she has CP that’s the way it is”, and I wasn’t happy with that
answer. I knew she will be able to do much more than what she was doing. So
there are always possibilities, there is always hope for improvement.”

Lourdes Mom of Sofia (age 8)

“At first we didn’t know what to expect but after the first session, and dealing with
Christine and seeing like the operation of everything... it's just a good experience.
Anybody who can give this a shot - definitely try it out. It's well worth it. We definitely
made a good decision by doing this. I feel like this was an investment we made, and
that we're really happy that we made it. I think that the first time that we saw this
and spoke with Christine she really listened to me. She was accepting of what I
was saying and understood my concerns. So when we did come, she addressed my
concerns upfront with me so I was much more comfortable. Instead of just telling me
"yes, I've worked with kids like him", she listened to me and made it more personal for
him and us.”

Jackie and Anthony
Jackie and Anthony Parents of Dino (age 5)

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Watch the "The Run To Break Through" Video Here!