What You May Not Have Known About


Recently I was having a conversation with a parent about stretching. Her son has Spastic Quadriplegic CP and is really tight pretty much everywhere, but more specifically his hamstrings (back of his thigh muscles) and adductors (inside thigh muscles) of his legs. So mom wanted to know why his legs seem looser after PT but…

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Two Main Reasons WHY Your Child Might Navigate Stairs UNSAFELY

Stair Navigation

I was inspired to write about navigating stairs after one of my recent marathon runs but specifically my one in Corning, NY. The day after my 26.2 miles, I decided it would be a great idea to hike…😃 So…that’s where this leads me. I was sore, my muscles didn’t want to work properly and I…

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What Did You Say? Body Awareness

What is body awareness? I have this discussion all of the time with parents…especially in evaluations when describing observed movement patterns and mobility in the environment. I was recently describing what this term meant to a parent after noticing her hypotonic/“low tone” daughter was stumbling when trying to walk around and navigate the gym environment.…

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Benefits of Early Mobility and Repetition

Repetition Exercise

Let’s think about this. We all know the phrase, “If you don’t use it, you lose it”, right? Well, same goes for developing skills and muscles. Not that you lose it, but if you don’t get the opportunity to gain skills necessary for functional movement, it will be way harder to achieve those skills. If…

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What It Means To Have A “Weak Core”

Weak Core

Parents of children with movement difficulties – no matter the diagnosis – are often told by doctors, therapists, and other health professionals that their child has “a weak core”. Okay so they can’t do a sit up or they have weak abdominals…but that’s not really all that goes into a “weak core” or poor posture.…

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Speech and How it Relates to Muscle Control

Mother and Child

Over the years there have been research articles linking speech and voice production to gross motor development and control. Cut the fancy lingo and what do you have? Speech production is linked to physical strength and milestone achievement! How? Well, let’s explain… So to understand the correlation, you first have to understand two different muscle…

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