Podcast Episode 8: An Adult Sib Perspective on Growing Up with Two Brothers Diagnosed with Autism

Podcast Episode 8

Podcast Episode 8

With Guest Speaker Jess Kruger (Adult Sib and Sib Facilitator for Sibshops)

In this episode, I sit down to speak with Jess Kruger, who is not only a member of the Breakthrough Team, but also an adult Sib to her two brothers diagnosed with Autism. You’ll get to listen in as she tells her story of what it was like for her growing up and not only her experiences, but the emotions she faced throughout her childhood and what she continues to face now. She even dives into stories from our very own SibShops and describes the intentional effort to help these children and young adults recognize their emotions and cope with them while helping them to know they aren’t alone on their journeys.

Highlights From This Episode:

Jess describes her unique experiences growing up alongside both her older brother, Matt, with Autism and other mental health diagnoses, as well as her younger brother, Nick, and how those experiences differed as she navigated hospitalizations, behavioral outbursts, family trips, and everything in between. How she learned to navigate the challenges she faced as a child and how those challenges have morphed as she gets older and responsibilities change. How finding SibShops has helped her to not feel alone, as well as make intentional impact by mentoring younger Sibs facing similar experiences


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