A Valuable Lesson – Research is Key


When thinking of the future for a child with Cerebral Palsy or any disability, it can be scary. Daunting, even. A series of thoughts can go through one’s mind: denial, immediate future, long-term future, and maybe even thoughts of a cure. For Cerebral Palsy, there is no cure, although for people with Spastic Diplegia or…

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Quick Tips For Traveling With A Disability

Disabled Access

Traveling with a disability can be very difficult. In fact, finding ADA compliant hotels, restaurants, sidewalks, buses, beaches, planes, pools, or anything else can be a full-time job! But, do not fret, it is possible with some planning and a couple of tips. So before you go booking something this summer here are some things…

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Do You Want To Understand What It Is Like?

Lonely Road

Throughout the years I have been working with special needs families, one thing has always remained consistent; They are treated differently. I have heard countless stories of struggles parents face, but also some really amazing stories too. I recently had a conversation of a mother of a child I work with. We were talking about…

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