5 Tips for a G-Tube Blended Diet



I am no nutritionist, but I have been speaking with some other professionals in the field about G-tube fed diets and have discovered a few consistent themes in these conversations. If your child isn’t on formula anymore or you are in the process of switching from formula to a blended diet – make sure to follow these important tips!

  • 1. Have the Right Blender: Some blenders seem like they’re doing the trick but have a tendency to leave small chunks which could put it at risk for clogs. It may be more expensive upfront, but in the long run will last longer and have less risk of secondary issues.
  • 2. Avoid Blueberries: They may provide a source of anti-oxidants and nutrition, however if the blend isn’t used immediately, it will coagulate and cause a clog. Not something you want to be worried about! You may also need to watch for strawberries or raspberries due to their seeds. Straining your blend will help avoid these issues!
  • 3. Plan Out Your Feeds Ahead of Time: Planning ahead will not only make the process less stressful, but it will help you to make sure that you are covering all necessary nutrients for your child’s specific caloric goals. If you wait last minute, it can be overwhelming and you may overlook some key ingredients your child benefits from…plus it allows you to be prepared!
  • 4. Cook the foods as if They are Being Eaten By Mouth: Raw foods can be used, however foods that normally require cooking (such as meats, brown rice, potatoes) should be cooked just as if they were being eaten by mouth. Just because you’re skipping the oral cavity, doesn’t mean all things can be avoided!
  • 5. Make in Bulk: This goes along with the “planning it out” idea. If you are able to plan your feeds ahead of time, you can cook in bulk. You can freeze individual servings and defrost as needed. HUGE time saver!! (and less dishes to wash since you’ll only have to do them once for multiple meals 😉 )

Healthy diets are essential to optimizing your child’s function. Our neurological systems thrive off of our nutrition. Hopefully these tips (if you didn’t already know them) helped!

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