One Year Ago…


We have spoken with tons of parents over the course of this past year. I’ve been privileged to get to know you all a little better and see the ups and downs of parenting a special needs child. We know that some days are better than others but one thing stands true… you grow from each and every experience you encounter. Whenever there’s a new experience that’s extremely tough, you make it out the other side and are stronger and smarter because of it. We know you learn from the good moments too.

We wanted to ask each and every parent a question so we could compile a series of answers together as we near the end of the year and reflect on all of the amazing, hard, sad, happy, frustrating, and grateful experiences you’ve had in 2019. We got some beautiful responses that we’d like to share with you.

Here’s what some parents had to say…

Relax, you’re in the thick of it. Just breathe.”

Don’t second guess yourself. Don’t blame yourself. Let go of the past.”

I am one person with two hands! I say this to myself over and over again…We as special needs parents cannot do it all! We are human and can only be in one place at a time!”

I’m strong enough to deal with anything that comes my way!”

One day at a time. One task at a time. Enjoy your special ones as much as you can despite out crazy schedules/therapies/ and doctor’s appointments. And BREATHE! Everything works out in the end.”

Be strong. Pray to God that you get through one day at a time. It’s not going to be easy. Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath, walk outside, come back in, and take care of your child.”

There’s always somebody who has it a little harder than you. I’m grateful for what I have.”

Stay on top of those pulls and pains, stretch and get them checked out. As parents, we lift and lift and don’t take care of ourselves and then the pain turns to more serious problems, which sometimes require surgery. So, stay on top of your own needs as well as everyone else’s.”

The greatest challenge of being a special needs parent (or exceptional Mama, as I like to say) is actually extending the same patience and empathy to my neurotypical child as I do to my son with Autism.”

I’m guessing that even if you weren’t the one who said this, that you can relate to it. We know we stress self-care SO MUCH for all of you parents and caregivers, but it’s essential and a necessity.

Grief is a very real and present part of your journeys. It may fade or it may not, but you are constantly growing into a new phase of your life. You are constantly learning from your experiences and no matter what you are thrown into, you come out stronger.

As you reflect on 2019, we hope you allow yourselves the same patience you constantly give others. You are ALWAYS doing your best, and ultimately that is what matters.

Wishing you the happiest holiday season with your family! Hoping its filled with smiles and quality time with your loved ones 🙂

Christine Astarita