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Adaptive Footwear

Adaptive FootwearI’ve been talking with some parents who needs new shoes for their child to fit with the good ‘ol clunky and wide AFOs. Are you also one of those parents that have trouble finding shoes?

Well, I recently sent a few of my families over to this site:  >>Nike Fly Ease<<

BEFORE you click… here’s what I want you to know…

Have you heard of them yet? That’s the link to the new(-ish) adaptive shoes that have a zipper alongside the back to make it super easy to put on and off when sliding in an orthotic. I know I have trouble a lot of the time trying to squish the brace in WITHOUT bending the entire back of the shoe and flattening it out. I know you parents have many unique talents and find better ways to literally do everything… but if you have never flattened the back of the shoe putting an orthotic in you are a new level of skilled (or I am just seriously struggling).

Anyway, I’ve seen them a few times now and they make it super easy to slide the foot in (kind of like a backless shoe), you zip it up around the back and it looks like a normal Nike shoe! It’s really cool, so if you are having issues with this, check out the site. They’re not too expensive either!

Aside from the shoes – I came across another site that has a unique link to find adaptive clothing. They have options from sensory-friendly clothing, adaptive jeans (if buttons are issues), other shoe options, magnetic closures, and lots of other options (with elastic). It was actually inspired by a young woman who was in a wheelchair and felt that nothing really fit her right or looked how she wanted it to. She needed help getting dressed, but having clothing with elastic waistbands and slip on shoes made her feel entirely more independent and she felt better about it too. Now, it might not matter to each and every child or young adult how they look in the clothing but feeling more independent and more comfortable is something they all strive for.

I know I can’t feel what they feel, but having clothing and shoes that are more adaptive for their needs I am sure is helpful for both the child/adult AND the caregivers.

Here’s the link:  >>Zappos Adaptive<<

Let us know what you think about these resources… Hopefully it’s helpful to you!

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