We Are Hiring! Operations Manager Wanted!

    Position: Operations Manager


    The Role

    Because we are growing, we are looking for a full-time practice/operations manager to join our team.

    You will be reporting directly to the practice owner/founder and assisting with the day to day running of the operational side of the clinic. You must be able to work in a fast-paced environment and demonstrate extraordinary attention to detail – as well as having a proven track record of being able to performance manage other people. If you need hand holding, to be told what to do, are forgetful, or need to be organized by someone else, then this role is not for you.

    If you love being the pivotal person in a busy team, you enjoy building out processes and workflows, you’re good with people and you want to join a team that works together, appreciates and supports each other, and enjoys hard work, then we need to talk..

    The right person is likely to have been supervising/managing a team for at least two years – and feels that now is the right time to step up to a role that has significant growth and career opportunities as we continue to expand.

    You will be responsible for managing a team of currently 6 staff (and rising) ensuring company KPIs are hit and that all internal-procedures are documented, continually developed and adhered to by staff- as well as ensure that company culture is improved and daily rituals are maintained.

    Who We Are

    Breakthrough Intensive PT is a small business with a big heart and not your typical therapy clinic. We are an out of network/cash-based therapy center that specializes in unique therapy techniques and equipment working with children and adults with neurological diagnoses. With our unique programs, equipment, and personal approach, we help children and young adults achieve their maximum potential so they can be as independent as possible. We take a whole family approach to supporting each member of the family through our varying types of programs here and are hoping to expand even more with more hands onboard! We aim to be a place to change the lives of these children and adults, show them they are capable of more than they think, and give them and their families support throughout their journey.

    The company website is here: www.breakthroughptli.com

    This is a Full-Time Position and an Awesome Opportunity for Someone Who:

    • Loves working in a smaller and more friendly setting than a typical corporate office.
    • Wants to work in a fast-paced, no-drama environment where office politics, backstabbing, gossip, and negativity are not tolerated.
    • Wants to work at a company where they learn about many aspects of management and develop your business and communication skills.
    • Is extremely detail-oriented and appreciates people who take an organized, systematic approach to achieving success.
    • Likes the idea of working for a smaller (but growing) company where their ideas and contributions directly impact the company’s success, direction, and growth.
    • Is a quick, self-motivated learner who wants to work for a company that will invest in their education.
    • Wants a position that will offer upward earning and career advancement; we want people who are interested in growth, learning, and becoming part of our team long-term.

    Responsibilities and Activities:

    • Ensure company weekly, monthly, and quarterly KPIs are met and reported to CEO with written summary.
    • Develop and regularly update online company process and procedures library (to be accessed nation-wide)
    • Company rituals/meetings – ensure daily/weekly/monthly company meetings are adhered to.
    • Foster deep relationships with customers and clients and vendors.
    • Twice monthly performance review with staff (documented with summary given to CEO)
    • Continually review and evolve employee scorecards (responsibilities/expectations/KPIs)
    • Top grade the organization with future team members.
    • Build and organize the company’s process/policies/procedures library.

    Skills Required:

    • Organization and planning: Plans, organizes, schedules, budgets in an efficient productive manner. Focuses on key priorities.
    • Follow through on commitments: lives up to verbal and written agreements regardless of personal cost.
    • Pursuit of learning and growth: Learns quickly. Demonstrates an ability to quickly and proficiently understand and absorb new information.
    • Attention to detail: does not let important details slip through the cracks or derail a project.
    • Persistence: Demonstrates tenacity and willingness to go the distance to get something done.
    • Proactivity: Acts without being told what to do. Brings new ideas to the company.
    • Analytical skills: Draws insightful conclusions from data.
    • Accountable: You’re happy to be held accountable and willing to be coached to improve every aspect of your role.


    The role is an office based managerial position at our Islandia location

    What We’re Offering:

    • A full-time opportunity where you get to be an integral part of a small but rapidly growing business with a vision to make a BIG impact.
    • A chance to be part of an incredible team who is constantly learning and striving for more.
    • The ability to make a real difference in people’s lives every single day.
    • A working environment where you will be challenged, supported, and encouraged, every single day.

    We are an uplifting team and we care deeply about each of our team members, not just the role you are assigned to do. The right candidate should ultimately be someone who is looking to not only be part of this type of environment but excited to contribute as well.

    The Office Manager position at Breakthrough comes with acting educational, personal, and professional growth potential. Here are some of the key features:

    • Continuing Education stipend.
    • Competitive benefits package (medical, dental, 401K).
    • Pay raises and bonuses are directly linked to your performance metrics which will be tracked on a monthly basis.
    • Demand for this role is always high, and we invite you to apply if you feel confident and able to achieve the tasks and responsibilities listed above.

    How to Apply:

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