Interviewee: Mom, Lori

Son: Tyler, Autism

Main Goal: Improve the quality of his life

Could you tell us your son/duaghters name, age and diagnosis?

Son- Tyler Mattera – Tyler is diagnosed with ADHD, intellectual disability, Autism, anxiety and PTHD- (afraid to fall)

Can you describe what things were like when your son/daughter first started working with Breakthrough?

Tyler has a fear of falling and does not want to walk, we could not even take him out to a store prior to PT.

What were you most concerned with?

We were most concerned about Tyler’s quality of life, he was always a very active child before witnessing his grandmother take a very bad fall.

Were there things you felt he/she could do but wasn't?

Yes, everything!! Tyler always liked to run, walk, play soccer, always be outdoors!

Why were you seeking alternative therapy/group classes?

To help push Tyler get over his fear and to keep his motor skills active.

What improvements have you been able to see and feel as a result of working with Breakthrough?

Tyler is more willing to try now, he does not fight as much. He now works out every day on the treadmill and we do some other exercises at home. He is willing to go to PT which in the beginning he did not want to. He hates to miss Bootcamp as it is not only a work out but a friend gathering. He has learned to love exercise and we have noticed his anxiety level has decreased!

What do you love most about visiting our office and working with Breakthrough?

Visiting Breakthrough PT is like visiting family, everyone is always so welcoming and willing to help in any way. One of the most amazing offices I have ever been to!

How has working with Breakthrough PT helped you feel about your son/daughters confidence and mobility?

His confidence has increased tremendously, he likes to be praised and keeps pushing to try to walk freely. He loves to watch the videos I take during his session.

What would you want other people to know about working with Breakthrough PT?

That Breakthrough is not just PT it's family! Whatever you need or want they are always there for you, helping your child through the next phase of their therapy and helping you implement it in the community.

If someone was on the fence about working with us - what would make them feel more confident about giving us a try?

Give it a try, you will not be sorry, you will see the great lengths this team goes through to make your child feel at home and become the best version of themselves

Anything else you want to add or want people to know?

Give Breakthrough PT a try, come join the family!