Interviewee: Mom, Beth

Son: Shane, 17 years old, Cerebral Palsy, Hydrocephalus, ADHD, and Seizure Disorder

Main Goal: Improve walking and muscle tightness

Can you describe what things were like when Shane first started working with Breakthrough PT?

Shane had a very unsteady gait, right sided weakness and when he walked he used his arms to balance. Shane has had several surgeries to release the tightness in his hamstrings and I'm always concerned that if he is not stretched he will get tight again. I felt he was not walking as good and as much as he could have. Shane is very outgoing and loves to socialize and I felt with group classes he would get a good work out, make physical therapy fun and make new friends all at the same time.

What kinds of improvements/impact on yours and Shanes life have you been able to see or feel as a result of working with Breakthrough?

Shane has become stronger and more confident. He is walking more without his walker and he's not relying on me as much.

What do you love most about visiting our office and working with Breakthrough PT?

I love that Shane cannot wait to go. That Breakthrough PT makes his sessions fun and he really enjoys it!

How has working with Breakthrough PT helped you feel about Shanes confidence/mobility?

Shanes confidence and mobility both have improved tremendously. He is stronger and more confident with his walking and doesn't extend his arms a lot.

What would you want other people to know about working with Breakthrough PT?

That Breakthrough Therapy is amazing. The facility is clean. The staff is friendly, courteous and caring. We also get to play with Chance.

If someone was on the fence about working with us - what would make them feel confident about giving us a try?

I would tell them to at least try it. That they will not be disappointed.

Anything else that you want to add or want people to know?

We have known Christine from when she was our physical therapist at home. I always knew that there was something special about her. She is kind, courteous, knowledgable, loving, caring but yet stern. We were thrilled, as well as very sad, when we found out Christine would not be my sons therapist anymore, that she was leaving to open Breakthrough Intensive Physical Therapy. While working with my son, she was able to get, through an amazing organization "Share the Voice", an adaptive trike. Since then both Christine and "Share the Voice" have given many many trikes to our kiddos. They help the children and young adults improve their mobility and confidence to become as independent as possible. We love you Christine Astarita and Breakthrough PT!