Interviewees: Mom, Victoria and Dad, Todd

Son: Sean, 12 years old, Autism and ADHD

Main Goal: Peer interactions and improved fitness and group participation!

Can you describe what things were like when your son/daughter first started working with Breakthrough?

Our son, Sean, started with the Breakthrough team in late September of 2019.  We had just begun a weight management program with his pediatrician. He was starting to hit puberty and gaining a great deal of weight.  After his lab results revealed that his sugar and liver numbers were completely out of range for a child his age, we made the decision to find a class or activity that could help and encourage him to get more healthy. 

Our boy is 12 years old. He has Autism and also ADHD. Because of his sensory issues,  getting him to eat the right foods is a daily struggle. He lacks any interest in playing sports,  and in general,  most physical activities. It’s made it very difficult to manage his weight and health.

What improvements have you been able to see and feel as a result of working with Breakthrough?

Since he’s started, we’ve seen so many improvements,  in so many areas.  Just to name a few, coordination, focus, patience, behavior, social awareness, and his overall physicalness and health.  Also, his confidence has grown and continues to help him grow with every class that he attends.

When we went back to the doctor three months later,  he not only lost weight,  but most of his numbers came down. The liver number by a third.  We were blown away. Adding these classes with his new diet was what he needed to make him successful.

What do you love most about visiting our office and working with Breakthrough?

I love that they also use the children to help and motivate one another.  It especially helps getting them  through a difficult move or behavior.  When Sean is struggling or needs that push or focus, the instructor and kids high-five each other or cheer each other on, and he works through it.  He loves coming to the class and now refers to the other children as his “friends”.   It also makes us so happy to see him trying to make connections with the other children.

Is there anything else you would want to add or want people to know?

We were so lucky to have found Breakthrough’s group exercise class. Due to his special needs, I was not expecting that it would be so welcoming and inclusive of his physical abilities. With the class size being small it's much easier to follow along.  Caitlin and Christine are wonderful. They make the sessions fun and they really cater to all of the children’s needs.  They have a special knack for pulling the class together and keeping them on track.  The kids get a really good workout and every time he goes I can see the progress.

The team at Breakthrough has been wonderful and supportive through it all. We can’t thank them enough for all the attention and help that they’ve given Sean and our family. 

We couldn’t be any happier with Seans progress and we look forward to his future successes in class.