Interviewee: Mom, Irene

Son: Nico, 24 years old, Autism, Anxiety, ADHD

Main Goal: More structure and build on his fitness

My name is Irene Reale, and my son’s name is Nicholas. He has a diagnosis of Autism, anxiety & ADHD. I signed up Nicholas for a fitness group at Breakthrough so that he can get a structured fitness program with staff that knew how to work with adults with disabilities. He does go to another gym and uses the treadmill and machines, but there is no structure there and he’s not getting the most out of his fitness regime.

Nico loves attending the weekly classes. He works considerably harder than I expected but never complains about it because he truly enjoys it so much. His back muscles have become stronger and he stands up straighter. The program runs for a full hour and all participants work hard during that time.

The office staff are very kind and attentive and will answer any questions you may have. I hope that this program will continue to help my son strengthen his muscles while having fun and being social at the same point.