Interviewee: Mom, Cara

Daughter: Meghan, 14 years old and has a twin sister with Autism.

Could you please tell us about your family and your child that attends Sibshops? 

Meghan is 14 years old and has a twin sister with Autism.

What made you motivated to get your child involved in Sibshops?

Years ago, my husband and I began to notice that although Meghan was involved in different sports activities, she didn't have any activities that focused on just her. Erin (her sister) had PT, OT, Speech, and behavioral therapy. Meghan needed some special time as well. As they got older, Meghan needed to be able to spend time with other kids who had experienced similar things. We found a group and it was wonderful. That group turned into what she has today. If possible, she has more patience and understanding with her sister.

How do you feel its made an impact on their life?

Know their frustrations are typical sibling frustrations.

Whats your favorite part about having your child involved in Sibshops?

Meghan has a bond with these kids and it is so beautiful. I think they have become like a family to each other. She has been so excited that she is "seeing" some of the others twice a week now.