Interviewee: Mom, Nadene

Daughter: Mechele, 24 years old, Dystonic Cerebral Palsy

Main Goal: Be as independent and mobile as possible

Could you describe what things were like when she first began working with Breakthrough PT?

N- I wanted her to be as independent and mobile as possible.

Were there things you felt like she could do, but just wasnt able to do at that time?

N- Yes. I think that she could stand better and actually probably take better steps but you know, she just needed someone to push her harder...hence Christine.

What kind of improvements have you been able to see or what kind of impact on your daughters' life have you been able to see as a result of working with Breakthrough?

N- She can now actually hold her body. I saw her almost put a pair of pants on by herself. She does a lot now. She can almost get in her chair - her wheelchair by herself. It shocked me. She can stand longer, her climbing in and out of bed is easier.  She can even ride her bike now by herself so her legs have gotten a whole lot stronger.

What do you love most about visiting our office and working with us?

N- Chance! No, just kidding! I like the office. I like the fact that I can actually see what you all are doing with my child and youre all working hard.  I like that.

How has working with Breakthrough helped you feel about your daughters confidence and mobility?

N- I think that since shes been coming to Breakthrough shes going to be able to do so much more than anyone expects her to do. So I give you all an A+!

What do you want other people to know about working with us??

N- Just come and do it. Breakthrough is awesome.  If your child needs that help, you need to bring them here. If you dont have the funds, theyll help you find a way to get it.  Just do not let your child sit at home and do nothing!  Breakthrough has done wonders for my daughter and they could do the same for anyone’s child.

If someone was on the fence about working with us what would make them feel confident about giving us a try??

N- Go online look at the videos.  Call me. Its just something you have to do.  If you bring your kid here and try it, theyre going to want to keep coming back. Kids know what's best for them anyway.  Just give them a try!

Do you want to add anything else? Or do you want people to know anything else about us?

N- Christine is crazy, she works your child hard but believe me she does it with love and they have a cutie therapy dog!