Interviewee: Mom, Alice

Son: Logan, His brother Landon, age 8 has autism.

Could you please tell us about your family and your child that attends Sibshops? 

Logan, age 10 participates in the sib workshop. Logan is the oldest of 3 other brothers! His brother Landon, age 8 has autism.

What made you motivated to get your child involved in Sibshops?

Logan is a shy child, and we always worry that he has too much responsibility for a child his age. We know we definitely ask a lot of him, and wanted him to have an outlet and safe place to know he is not alone. We weren’t even sure if he would like the sib workshops, and were over the moon happy when he said he loved it and couldn’t wait to go again! Even with the zoom sessions, I was hesitant he wouldn’t want to do it, but he loves it! And asks every week! We are so happy!

How do you feel its made an impact on their life?

Logan seems more patient, and even the way he talks to his special needs brother... it’s so sweet.

Whats your favorite part about having your child involved in Sibshops?

This is something just for Logan!! Which is most important I think! It’s hard when there are so many children under the same roof.... and especially Logan being the oldest. We love that every week for an hour, he goes off alone to meet with you guys and the other participants.

If someone was unsure about trying out Sibshops, what would you like them to know?

It’s worth trying!!! I definitely was hesitant about Logan liking it, and I think initially I signed him up more for us (lol) we did tell him that if he didn’t like it he didn’t have to do it ever again. So he knew nothing was forced. You all make it so fun and comfortable for him and we are so happy he loves it so much!