Interviewees: Parents, Cynthia and Joseph

Son: Howie, Age 19

Main Goal: Improve his head control and sit independently

What were things like when you started working with Breakthrough PT?  What were you frustrated with?

When we first started working with Breakthrough PT, Howie could not lift his head by himself and sit up, which is one of our biggest goals for him.  So we chose to come here and try to reach that goal for him.  We're frustrated that he is able to sit up, but his head control prevents it.  He throws his head back and his body gets thrown back.

What kinds of improvements/impacts on yours and Howie's life have you been able to see and feel?

As a result of working with Breakthrough PT, we have seen that he now can hold his head in midline.  He's not dropping it all the way down.  When he's in the equipment, he's standing and sitting and supporting his head a lot more.  He's definitely showing improvement in the areas of controlling his head better and they're even seeing it in school.  

Have you noticed any improvements at home?

It's easier at home now because he's more tolerant of us putting him on the wedge and picking up his head and he actually seems to be enjoying it.  He's cracking up laughing while he's lifting his head and we're telling him how wonderful he's doing.

What do you love most about visiting our office and working with Breakthrough PT?

We enjoy coming every week.  If he could sit up, if he could support his head it'll change the view of his world.  Seeing these little improvements is giving us hope that he will actually achieve this goal.  We love coming here.

What would you want other people to know about working with Breakthrough PT?

It's definitely a more intense program.  The bungee cords and the equipment take the weight off of his muscles and allows him to get better control without tightening up his whole body and he's definitely enjoying it.  He's very happy, he doesn't feel the pressure.  Just in general it is a really excellent program for kids like my son.

If someone was on the fence about working with us, what would make them feel more confident about giving us a try?

Anything is better than nothing.  To give a try to this kind of program is worth it because kids like Howie might not get anywhere with conventional PT.  This gives him a straight hour of support and actually using his own muscles without having to overwork his whole body.  Anything is worth a try to improve and get them to the best ability that they can reach.

Is there anything else that you'd like people to know?

I've seen people in the past who've gone all the way to Poland, Florida, California to try these types of programs and they weren't available to us on Long Island and now they are.  I've seen improvements in kids through my work that have gone on these week-long trips.  So it definitely has it's values and it's definitely something that our kids have available to them now.  I think it's worth it to give it a try and to give the kids an opportunity to improve.