Interviewee: Mom, Gina

Son: Cadence, Age 13, Fox G1 Syndrome

Main Goal: Avoid hip and back surgery, improve mobility

Could you describe what things were like when your child first began working with Breakthrough PT?

When we first started working with Breakthrough PT, Cadence was facing hip surgery and we were really focusing on opening up her hips and she’s worked so hard, Christine has worked so hard with Cadence, that she no longer has to have hip surgery.

Were there things you felt she could do but wasn’t able to do?

Definitely weight bearing. That was a huge part in why we came here so that Christine could put the bands on her so she can weight bear and circulation is huge too and that’s starting to get better as well.

Why were you seeking alternative therapy?

We’ve tried so many different physical therapists. We’ve tried bracing and we just found that this works best for her because she’s also free to move her body the way that she wants to.

What kind of improvements or impact on you and your daughter’s life have you been able to see or feel as a result of working with Breakthrough PT?

I find that Cadence loves to be independent and stand up like a big girl and take steps. She wants to go in the worst way. She is taking independent steps in her pony walker at school and everybody is just seeing such a difference with her. With her motivation, with wanting to move her body, and wanting to take those steps.

What do you love most about visiting our office?

I have to say…we love Christine and we love Michelle but we really love Chance. We love him. Cadence loves him. And I love how Chance motivates Cadence to move and we’ve never had any type of therapy where they used an animal to help with any type of services, therapy, and it has really made a difference.

How has working with Breakthrough PT helped you feel about your daughter’s confidence and mobility?

It has helped in so many ways. Cadence is heads up, big smile. I can just see the difference in her face and how proud she is of herself and how her self esteem has gone up tremendously.

What would you want other people to know about working with Breakthrough PT?

I want them to know how amazing this therapy is and how much it can help anyone move their body, get your weight shifted, get your circulation going and make yourself feel really proud; Proud of who you are.

If someone was on the fence about working with Breakthrough, what would you say to them?

First I would say they are nuts and they need to really see some of these children and the smiles on their faces. This therapy has to be one of the best. We’ve tried so many different types of therapies and this is top, by far, the best therapy we’ve ever tried with Cadence.

Is there anything else you would want people to know?

I love being part of the Breakthrough Family. My daughter loves being part of the Breakthrough family. I’ve seen so many new things and new motivations that Cadence is trying to do and she’s really doing it and this is a true blessing to have this here on Long Island.