Diagnosing Early: Why it’s Important?

“Cerebral palsy describes the most common physical disability in childhood and occurs in 1 in 500 live births. Historically, the diagnosis has been made between age 12 and 24 months but now can be made before 6 months’ corrected age.”* Recently, a systemic review came out published in JAMA Pediatrics (medical review journal) that studied…

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What You May Not Know about Your Child’s Diet!

Child's Diet

You already know your child does not have a typically functioning nervous system. What you may not know is that a poor diet filled with unhealthy processed foods and tons of sugars only inhibits your child’s nervous system. That’s right…it actually goes down to the cellular level. It is especially important to implement a healthy…

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Essential Oils and Brain Injuries

Essential Oils

Essential oils have grown rapidly as a holistic solution for health ailments. Not only have I personally experienced patients and their families using them, but I have also seen more of them in local stores such as TJ Maxx. Granted I don’t shop very often, I have noticed essential oils on the uprise, especially within…

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Why ONE Method Just Won’t Work

Woman Who Changed Her Brain

I stumbled across a youtube video of a TEDx Talk from Toronto featuring Barbara Arrowsmith Young. I was originally just going to post this video to share but after watching it several times, there was so much value in her content that I could not let it go without discussing the importance of how she…

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Should Your Child Get Botox Injections?

I get asked pretty frequently about this very topic. While I cannot provide you with a definite answer, I can help you work this out for you to make the best decision. If you have a child with special needs that has spasticity and tightness, you are most likely very familiar with botox injections. For…

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Need To Know Where To Find Accessible Places On Long Island?

When facing a disability whether it be visible or not, finding someplace accessible can be a HUGE challenge. Planning a day trip in advance can be a burden too. I have heard from several parents just how difficult it is to worry about finding a changing table, a handicap accessible bathroom, a ramp, etc…the list…

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Strategies to Challenge Your Child Without Them Feeling Like It’s “More Therapy”

As a physical therapist, whether it is home care, outpatient, or the school setting…our job is to provide parents with strategies to help your child at home to reach their goals. To be honest, follow through with home exercise programs is rare. Your schedules are busy, you were cooking dinner, you were trying to manage…

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10 Places to Visit on Long Island This Summer With Special Needs Access!

FINALLY….The weather is warmer and the sun is out. We did have a rough “spring” of thinking the sun may never show again…but here we are! It’s time when everyone is looking for something fun to do, but when you need it to be accessible, it can be even HARDER. So, here’s a list (whether you…

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